DigSav app

The Digging Savannah app allows you to discover Savannah’s archaeology sites that have been investigated and are on property open to the public. This is only a small sampling of archaeological sites around Savannah, as nearly every historic building sits on an archaeological site.

The app is available in the Google Play marketplace for most Android devices- smartphones and tablets. Just search for “Digging Savannah”! We also launched our iPhone and iPad app in May 2014.


The main menu allows you to select all sites, the Walking Tour, a map, or more information.


list of each archaeology site: tap on one to see more information about the site.


The map interface: select a pin to see the archaeology site


The site listing for the Andrew Low House. Scroll down for more information, scroll left for more pictures.

While exploring the archaeology sites, remember: It is illegal to dig on public land, and ill-advised to dig on private land. City of Savannah, state, and federal laws prohibit all digging on public property. Taking artifacts from an archaeology site is like taking words out of a Shakespeare play. The words don’t make any sense without their surrounding context of sentences and paragraphs. Artifacts don’t mean anything without their surrounding context of soil layers, artifacts, and features like foundations and hearths.


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