Robert I. Strozier Faculty Lecture Series

Lauren Barksdale reports on Laura Seifert’s March 23 Robert I. Strozier Faculty Lecture.

Digging Savannah at the Robert I. Strozier Faculty Lecture Series

Professor Seifert was recently featured in the Robert I. Strozier Faculty Lecture Series that covered a variety of topics. She began with a brief explanation of historical and public archaeology, then focused more locally with excavations in places all over Savannah such as the Benedictine Monastery and Freedmen School, the Sorrel Weed House, and the Kiah House. Most importantly, she covered how you, as a citizen, can make a difference in preserving history and covered this all within the time span of an hour. I personally did not realize how big of an issue preserving history in Savannah was. For most of us, I think we believe that “hey it’s underground, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon,” but with ever rising sea levels, we could lose priceless information about our past. Well, then it would become underwater archaeology, and if you’ve ever taken one of Ms. Seifert’s classes, you know how much she loves underwater archeology.

In an effort to make a change and address Savannah’s preservation problems, she along with retired Professor Bruno created Digging Savannah, a group dedicated to getting students and the public dedicated to archaeology. This group has done such amazing things like debunking centuries old urban legends to creating an app that can help you navigate Savannah’s archaeological sites. Call them the modern day Scooby-Doo gang but with actual science on their side.  In my opinion, the work that Ms. Seifert and her students have accomplished over the past half-decade have single handedly put an emphasis on the importance of archaeology in the process of preserving Savannah.

strozier lecture

Sorry you missed it!


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