Magic School Bus? Please, We Have An ArchaeoBus

Kelly Vislocky is next in our student series. She shares the ArchaeoBus’ most recent visit to our fair city.

Magic School Bus? Please, We Have An ArchaeoBus

After coming to school in a historic city like Savannah and walking around downtown Savannah, the feel of the city is amazing. The historical layout and city buildings are breathtaking. You can tell that history is important to the community, which is why archaeology is important as well. Reaching out to that community is important as well, and the Society for Georgia Archaeology’s philosophy is to start them young with the ArchaeoBus.

The Society for Georgia Archaeology is a non-profit organization that “promotes the identification, investigation, preservation and protection of archaeological sites and resources throughout the state of Georgia.” One of the ways they do this is through the ArchaeoBus. The ArchaeoBus is a mobile classroom that teaches kids all about archeology. The ArchaeoBus travels around Georgia and on occasion to other states in the Southeast bringing interactive enrichment programs to different schools and communities. The ArchaeoBus offers a variety of programs from school presentations, scout programs, teacher workshops, and library programs. The ArchaeoBus also offers informal programs without presentations where people can come and experience at their own pace. One example of this is the March 24 Forsyth Farmer’s Market in downtown Savannah, where the ArchaeoBus made a stop to bring archaeology to the Savannah community.


The ArchaeoBus was featured as the Forsyth Farmer’s Market Community Spotlight on March 24, 2018. (Photo credit: Dr. Virginia Estabrook)

Another feature of the ArchaeoBus, which I found incredible clever and adorable, is Abby’s Diary. The ArchaeoBus has a persona named Abby. On the Society for Georgia Archeology website Abby (the ArchaeoBus) keeps a diary of all her adventures. It is filled with pictures and updates on where Abby (the ArchaeoBus) has been and what she’s been up to. The diary is in a simple, narrative format that is easy to read and engaging for people and archeologist of all ages. The ArchaeoBus is an awesome form of public outreach to help educate and engage people, especially kids, about archeology and the rich history of Georgia.

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