How can I help?

I occasionally get emails asking how non-students can help or volunteer with Digging Savannah. Most are eager to help with hands-on work like excavation or washing artifacts. But when these opportunities arise, we give them to the students. Unfortunately, at this point we are not a big enough organization to have enough work for any volunteers of this kind. But there are many projects we could be doing!

Archaeology does need more support at many different levels. Here is how you can help (in rough order of importance):

  1. Contact your local officials including the mayor, city council, county commissioners, and Metropolitan Planning Commission staff. Emails are ok, but calling and setting up in person meetings are the way to be remembered and really make your concerns known. Speak up at a city council meeting or county commissioners meeting. Tell them we need a city ordinance requiring archaeology before development, and we need a city archaeologist like St. Augustine, Fl and Alexandria, Va.
  2. Sign the petition for an archaeological ordinance.
  3. Give to the Meredith Avery Memorial Anthropology Fund. Part of Armstrong State University’s giving program, this fund is used for unique, out-of-the-classroom experiences for our students, such as excavations sponsored by Digging Savannah and other field trips.
  4. Join preservation groups like Historic Savannah Foundation and let them know that you care about more than just buildings and structures.
  5. Vote. Local elections are a great way to have your voice heard.
  6. Contact Armstrong State University officials and tell them Digging Savannah is a great program that deserves continued support.
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